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Silent Support Weekend 2023

It's Back and we couldn't be more excited!

Why a Second Silent Support Weekend?

Last November, the FA held the first national pilot of the Silent Support Weekend with the aim being to allow youth players to explore their own game, find their voice and take control of the game. And they are putting a second weekend on across 25-26 February 2023, to hear from youth players and find out how to make the game better for them so they can improve as players and a team. The FA received feedback from over 3000 people who participated last time around and they have taken that on board to tailor the next Silent Support Weekend.

What does a Silent Support Weekend 2 mean for coaches and parents/carers/spectators?

This time around the coaches will be permitted to coach throughout the match, with parents and supporters showing their backing from the sidelines through applause only. This allows the players to not only step up, but feel they can get support from their coach if they need to.

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