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Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility – but are you clear about the vital role you can play?

Safeguarding is about creating safe environments and preventing children from experiencing harm or abuse. Put simply, safeguarding refers to measures we take to protect our children – and keep them safe and well. Whether that’s your kids, the opposing players or even the ref, every young person has the right to enjoy football.

This short safeguarding for parents course is designed to help you to make an informed choice about the football setting you enrol your child in. It starts by explaining the importance of safeguarding in football and the child-centred approach the game takes.

It will then guide you through questions you should ask to ensure the club or venue where your children play football has the correct safeguarding policies, people and practices in place.

The course also highlights signs that should concern you – and how to report these concerns. Please scroll down if you want to read about the course in more detail.

Ultimately, we want you to make informed choices about where your children enjoy our great game. The FA is doing everything it can to create safe and positive environments wherever your children play football. This course will enable you play an active role towards achieving that goal. Thank you in advance for taking it.

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